on Containers

To me, the basket as a form, is domestic and soulfully human because they fulfill the basic needs of gathering, carrying, storing, serving, preserving and so forth, all that which represents the benevolence and nurturing of livelihood itself. Language of containment which visually resembles basket, howeverbasket, are not created to be functional; instead, they “contain” visual narratives of my personal experience and responses to humanity. They present a space both inside and outside, each shaped as the consequence of the other. Together, they form a whole.

The process of forming and the choice of materials are both important to me. While I enjoy the meditative process of loom-weaving, I also like to explore the possibilities of transforming flat woven pieces into 3-dimensional forms such as, in this instant, containers. The supporting structures of the containers are built with branches and twigs that I have gathered. In gathering these natural materials, in turn, I experienced the relationship of man with natural resources and the environment.

Meiling, 2008-09-09

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